Astral is the result of the work of independent criptocurrencies developers, who have dedicated theirselves to create an open cryptocurrency in which everyone can colaborate. This project has been developed based on a new algorithm named x20r, based on x16r, with the inclusion of the algorithms haval, gost, radiogatun and panama. It is an OpenSource project, so everyone, user or developer can contribute to it.
Actual developers are focused on Astral’s core development. This development team is open and we admit new incorporations who can colaborate with their experience or any other way they can contribute through a request to our Discord administrators. Independent developers can get to cover the Software missing such as pools, GPU miner, web wallet, android/iOS wallet, etc (main developers will contribute on those, though in a lesser extent).


Astral是独立的高级软件开发人员的工作成果,他们致力于创建一个开放的数字货币,每个人都可以在其中进行交流。本项目新的算法x20r,基于x16r开发的,包含了haval, gost, radiogatun和panama。它是一个开源项目,每个用户或开发人员都可以为此做出贡献。

实际的开发人员专注于Astral的核心开发。这个开发团队是开放的,我们接纳新的公司,可以通过向Discord管理员发出请求提供他们的经验或以任何其他方式进行合作。独立开发人员可以覆盖软件缺失,如矿池,GPU矿工,网络钱包,android / iOS钱包等(主要开发人员将在这些方面做出贡献,但程度较小)。



-总供应量:~27 millon













NVIDIA ccminer:

AMD wildrig: